The company structure of the Endurance International Group (EIG) is a mammoth one and incorporates over a hundred brands. Unlike competitors GoDaddy and Rackspace, EIG has strategically acquired the customer base of small companies to build its market share. Most of these companies still operate as autonomous organisations yet sharing the support resources and information services with their parent company.

An exercise in economies of scale, Endurance dominates the small business web hosting market through its many brands. In this guide, we take a look at the history of the company along with the brand names it operates along with the dates each business was acquired.


EIG: A History

Founded in 1997 and formerly known as BizLand, EIG is a specialist web hosting company that provides its services to small businesses. Founded by Hari Ravichandran, the company has over 5 million customers and employs almost 4000 staff across the group. Having studied Computer Engineering at Mississippi State University and Electrical Engineering at Stanford, Ravichandran is passionate about maintaining the core principles upon which Endurance was founded; empowering small businesses with the tools to connect with the customers and be visible, along with the big names, online.

Though the company is a big player in the web hosting industry, most customers have never heard of them. This is largely due to the fact that EIG does little to promote itself as a brand but rather acquires smaller web hosting companies and simply adds them to its stable.

In 2011, the company (owned by private equity firm, Accel KKR) was purchased by a joint equity venture between Goldman Sachs Capital Partners and Warburg Pincus for $975 million. This followed a series of high-profile acquisitions made by the company to further expand its empire. In fact, 2010 was a busy year for EIG with more than forty additional brands joining the ranks. Notably, A Small Orange, BlueDomino,, JustHost, BlueHost and 2Slick.

Following the injection of extra capital by Sachs and Pincus, EIG continued its expansion in 2011 with another 9 brands including HostMonster and PipeDNS.

Popular brand, HostGator, was added to the stock in 2012 along with HostNine and Nexx; just three new companies. HostGator was a particularly big name to add to the stock, as a household US name, and cost the company $225 million.

Endurance listed on the NASDAQ in October 2013 selling shares at 2.1 million shares at $12 each and raising $252 million. The company’s share price peaked in April 2015 at $22.80 and are currently valued at $8.00.

With consolidation the focus, the next few years saw only a few small additions to the family including the high-profile acquisition of Indian company, Directi, in 2014, for $109.8 million. This strategic purchase increased EIG’s market share across important markets in China, Russia, Turkey and India as well as the U.S.

Two strategic but important purchases the following year increased the company’s customer base by almost 100,000 users when Verio and Site5 were brought under the EIG umbrella.

Before 2015 was out, EIG purchased the online marketing company, Constant Contact for $1.1 billion and added a further 72,000 users when they acquired the assets of Ecommerce LLC, cherry picking the subscribers of Cloud by IX, Host Excellence and IX Web Hosting.

At the time of going to print, the Endurance Group (with all its brands) is estimated to be worth just shy of $1 billion.

EIG: Brands and Companies

Though all of the EIG companies share the same parent, each of these hosting companies runs its own brand distinctly separately to any of its stablemates. This is partly the reason for EIG’s dominance and success; in allowing each brand to continue building and supporting its niche client base, EIG avoid becoming known in the market as a big, homogenised, faceless corporate entity. Instead, the company enjoys the benefits of the small business loyalty to other small businesses, despite the fact that they belong to a billion-dollar enterprise.

Brand Name Date Acquired
2Slick 2010
A Small Orange 2010
AccountSupport 2010
ApolloHosting 2010
AppMachine 2015
Arvixe 2014
Berry Information Systems L.L.C. 2010
Big Rock 2010
BizLand 1996
BlueBoxInternet 2011
BlueDomino 2010
BlueHosting 2010
BlueFur 2011
BuyDomains 2014
CarielWeb 2010
Cirtex Hosting Unknown
Cloud by IX 2015
ComputersConcepts 2010
Constant Contact 2016
Directi Web Technologies 2014
Dollar 2 Host 2010 2010
DomainHost 2010
Dotster 2011
Dot5Hosting 2010
EasyCGI 2009
eHost 2010
EmailBrain 2013
EntryHost 2010
Escalate 2010
FastDomain 2006
FatCow 2007
FreeYellow 2007
Garin Technologies 2012
Glob@t 2010
Homestead 2010
HostADay 2010
HostCentric 2010
HostClear 2011
HostExcellence 2015
HostGator 2012
HostNine 2012
HostMOnster 2011
HostV Unknown
HostWithMeNow 2010
HostYourSite 2010
HyperMart 2007
IdeaHost Unknown
IMOutdoorsHosting 2010 Unknown
Intuit Websites Unknown
iPage 2010
iPower 2007
IX Web Hosting 2015
JustCloud 2014
JustHost 2010
LogicBoxes Unknown
MaiEIG 2011
Mojo MarketPlace Unknown
MyDomain Unknown
MyResellerHome 2010
MySocialSuite Unknown
NamesDirect 2011
NameZero 2011
NetFirms 2011
NetworksHosting 2010
Nexx 2012
PipeDNS 2011
PowWeb 2007
PureHost 2007
ReadyHosting 2010
ResellerClub 2014
Saba-Pro 2010
SEOGears Unknown
SEO Hosting Unknown
Site 5 2015 Unknown
Siteo Unknown
Sitey Unknown
SouthEastWeb 2010
Spertly 2010
Spry 2010
StartLogic 2010
SuperGreen Hosting Unknown
TightHost 2010
TypePad Unknown
Unified Layer 2013
USANetHosting 2010
vDeck Unknown
Verio 2015
VirtualAve 2007
VPSLInk 2010
Web2010 2010
WebDevHosting 2010
WebHost4Life 2010
WebstrikeSolutions 2010
Webzai 2014
World Wide Web Hosting Unknown
Xeran 2010
YourHostingAccount 2011