No web hosting company is perfect, and IX Web Hosting is no exception. While they are a popular option for those looking for web hosting on a budget, there are plenty of reasons why you might be looking for an alternative to IX Web Hosting. For example:

  • IX Web Hosting don’t offer WordPress hosting.
  • IX Web Hosting only have one server location in Columbus OHIO.
  • Unlike some hosts, IX Web Hosting don’t offer SSD storage across all of their plans.

Or perhaps you just had a bad experience, noticed too much downtime or issues with customer support. Whatever the reason, we’ve listed several of the most popular IX Web Hosting alternatives for you to compare.

Alternatives to IX Web Hosting

  • PLAN

When looking for a similar web hosting company to IX Web Hosting, the main considerations to take into account are: Affordability, stability, and simplicity.

As a general rule of thumb, shared hosting is the most affordable and simple type of hosting. The alternatives listed above are primarily shared hosting plans suitable for beginners and smaller websites.

The downside to shared hosting is that the level of stability (uptime, performance, security) is typically not as good as more expensive web hosting plans. That said, companies like Bluehost and Greengeeks are reputable web hosts that host a large number of websites. If it’s your first time hosting a website, or you’re just looking to get something up and running on a budget, these alternatives will be suitable for you.


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