No web hosting company is perfect, and WP Engine is no exception. While they are a popular option for WordPress hosting, there are plenty of reasons why you might be looking for an alternative to WP Engine. For example:

  • WP Engine is relatively expensive compared to some of the more budget web hosts.
  • WP Engine don’t offer email hosting, so you’ll need to host your company emails independently using a service like Google Apps.

Or perhaps you just had a bad experience, noticed too much downtime or issues with customer support. Whatever the reason, we’ve listed several of the most popular WP Engine alternatives for you to compare.

Alternatives to WP Engine

  • PLAN

The alternatives we’ve listed above are some of the most popular WordPress hosting plans for mid-high traffic sites running on the WordPress CMS. While many hosting companies claim to offer WordPress hosting, these options specialise in it like WP Engine.

So what can you expect from a WordPress-optimised web host? Typically, it comes down to the technology. Most WordPress hosting companies use WordPress optimised CDNs, caching systems, and security technology built-into their hosting service, so that you don’t need to load your WordPress platform up with bloated plugins.

In addition to this, most of the alternatives listed above make it easy to deploy, update, and maintain backups of your WordPress sites so that you don’t need to spend hours manually working on these tasks.

All of this ultimately leads to improved response times, a higher-level of protection against attacks, and time saved for your time and for your users.


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